Qad aflahal Mu'minun..

Qad aflahal Mu'minun..
Qad aflahal Mu'minun..

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

0 ''Offering for Peacefullness in Allah's Hidayah''

Head goes to desk.

I felt so ignorant..with what i've did,

beautiful wanderer going back to sneeze,

oh you are a good surfer but you are a bad skipper,

I felt so dizzy as I wanted to blow my head out,

Scary stalker came at me following by anger,

Enormous strike me untold in every moments,

Boarding a yacht towards a paradise,

The place that has been served for us,

Muslimin, a true mujahideen, Insya-Allah that locality were full of amenities,

That we can enjoy it gratefully,

In there we no need to hesitate to invoke all things that flash in our mind,

Oh Allah,
Allahumma ajirna minannar,

We can't proceed into your highest paradise,

but we don't want to taste your tremendous Jahannam

That can consume all mankind in this world,

Fear, and perturb to your torment Ya rabbi,

Please guide us to the true path,

Yes it is Islam,

~ Amin~

The Almighty Lord Allah please hear us~