Qad aflahal Mu'minun..

Qad aflahal Mu'minun..
Qad aflahal Mu'minun..

Saturday, 29 January 2011

0 My life equal to Ninja's life

My Life is Like A Ninja

I'm a 18 years old boy. But the truth is, I'm only 17, because i was born at 23 June 1993. Interestingly, my birthday is as same as Zinadine Zidane, the world football player of the year in 1998 and i am good at football too. So I might have some similarity with him.

At school, i am good at English subject, I'm not a generalist though. It is hard for me to score each of the subject. Because I'm so lazy. I like to play around. During after i come back from school, i will straightly switch on the computer, and do many sort of stuff. I play games, i surf Internet, and the most fun stuff is, to watch Naruto’s series. The story itself very affecting in my real life. I feel like i have similar too with the hero, who is Uzumaki Naruto. So i decide, my life will be like him. Like a Ninja. But not with his power which is never can be real. I know that. But i will implement it, not straightly, but in some different ways.

Being a ninja is great. Ninja is a warrior who is smart, brave yet careful in whatever they do, silent yet dangerous, strong, creative, like to protect what they believe and love. So now, i am trying to be smart in my education, brave in the situation which supposedly i have to say "no", brave in being good,brave in being kind and being helpful to others that need help. Strong with my Principe, strong in my resistance to darkness. Being a ninja needs a creative mind, being a successful person needs that too. So i want to use all my imagination into good things. I want to use them, with good purposes, i will use it into literature, especially in English. And finally, to protect what i believe and what i Love. I believe my religion, i will protect it forever. And my love that includes my family, my friends, my teachers, and all person that are kind to me and to others. I will protect them as long as i can.

What else can i describe more about myself? I think if i write it all here, it will be fake, because it is you who can tell me what kind of boy is me, can tell my weakness. I need that critics and comments from all of you, to know who i am. That's why people need friends and good people. To help them to find themselves.

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